Miracle Drugs 7″


Here is a new design for the debut 7″ of Reno’s Miracle Drugs. They play catchy power-pop in the vein of Elvis Costello’s more jagged, earlier moments coupled with frustrated broken-heart lyrics. In other words, perfect pop goodness, which is not captured easily. Everything with this project was done with the lyrics in mind, as well as having 60’s overtone, albeit with an updated color scheme and distress on the graphics themselves. All graphics and layout done in Adobe Illustrator. The collateral for the 7″ single (which will also be available as a digital download — again updated for the era) takes some of the same design elements and adds in a live shot and also adds in an intentionally campy robot theme to the pieces as a whole. The poster and 1″ button will be part of the retail package.


Green Report


An annual report of sorts. Greenprint Denver is an initiative within the city helping coordinate and implement positive environmental practices. Essentially, the design of the brochure is meant to be modern yet accessible, conveying all past, present and upcoming plans for the city’s overall environmental health. I was glad to have worked on such an important program.

MGMA Conference brochures and landing pages


The above is a 16-page brochure that was one of several detailing an MGMA specialty conference in various cities. Each brochure had it’s own landing page associated to it for online registration purposes. There was a simple navigation at the bottom of the web presence that directed the user to registration information and other vital information. I tried to design these with a very clean, minimal look to set it apart from some of the organization’s other materials at the time.

SOTC Invitation


Here is the printed program as well as the e-invites for the Mayor’s State of the City address. Since the location was held in a park that has Greek columns, it was only appropriate to replicate the stately feel of the place as well as using tried and true government symbolism. Basic and effective.

Streecats Logo


I had lots of fun with this one. I know next to nothing about cars, but I like a lot of the art and attitude amongst the motorhead- greaser- kustom kulture crowd. My client needed a logo for his merry crew of gearheads. You can find them rolling in Golden, CO and beyond at Roddin’ the Rockies and the Golden Super Cruise. Bring the fam!

Love Paul Shirt Design


This is a draft version of a t-shirt design that I recently did for Love Paul Clothing. I didn’t use any clip art, and all design elements were done by hand. I used an existing font as a reference point and also based the girl’s image on a silent movie actress that I thought would fit perfectly with the Nouveau-toned design. I dulled down the colors and distressed the design to be intended on a light-color shirt.

Holiday Party invitation

redline 08 invite

This was an e-invitation for a holiday party hosted by a prominent Denver official and his wife. I was really happy to work on this, as the design they wanted needed a red theme and was to be held at RedLine, an artist’s workspace and gallery. I think the design was a success and was very simple and direct, echoing the host space’s own marketing material as well as the invitation’s purpose.

Saarinen logo and stationery package


This was a stationery package for Saarinen Landscape Architecture. The client needed a new identity, letterhead, business card, invoice and a sign. Being that they are designers themselves and have an acute sense of proportion and an overall design sense, made this job especially fun, yet challenging. I think that the final mark turned out really well, with an absolute Spartan-like quality to the lettering in the mark as well as conveying a sense of what they do via the coloring and suggestion of a hill.

Behavioral Interventions Inc. Posters


This was a series of posters presented to Behavioral Interventions, Inc., a rehabilitation products company. Their products were for both corrections officials as well as end-user parolees. Such items included monitoring and tracking equipment and ankle bracelet monitors. The primary target from a marketing standpoint was law enforcement and corrections organizations.